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Phone Answering Services

As a business, phone calls are the lifelines of our success. Making sure each call gets handled appropriately is crucial. From intake to information and even file servicing must be processed correctly. We have the experience to take your client through all of your processes diligently and correctly following all HIPAA guidelines. With our services, you will receive call logs and reports giving you, the agency owner a full picture of the work that we do for you. 

Paper Craft

Agency Management

Our agency management services allow you to have a full staff without the high cost. From top to bottom we can manage your agency under your leadership. Giving the full scope of services needed to efficiently manage your agency. Increase productivity, revenue, and grow by having a full staff in your tool box of business. Allowing you to completely immerse yourself in treating clients and improving the mental health of the individuals you help. The support we will provide your agency can create an environment of growth. Lowering your stress while improving your business infrastructure

Work Desk

Administrative Services

Organization can mean the difference between success and struggle. Seeing clients can make it difficult to also manage the business and keep things organized. Using our experience, Doctor of organizational management and staff to help you get and stay organized. In business; organization is the the prime function after seeing your clients. Let us organize your business so you can feel less overwhelmed and more efficient. 


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Insurance Paneling

Gain more access to potential clients and have a greater impact in the mental health world. Our affordable insurance paneling services allow you to start taking insurance in your practice. We do all the applications and leg work to get you paneled with the insurance companies you want and need. Our experience in paneling many mental health professional has created a smooth line approach to getting you paneled as fast as possible. This will increase your bottom line and create a new revenue stream for your private practice. Taking insurance allows your agency to survive downturns in the economy. We can beat the precise of any and all insurance paneling services. 

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Billing & Auditing Services

Billing insurance is a time consuming and time sensitive area. Assuring that billing is not only done correctly but fast is essential for funding. We not only bill your insurance companies we also audit them as part of the services. This will insure that you are able to receive all the funding you are owed and that any future funding is not compromised.  Our billing specialist spends most of their day billing  and auditing for our agencies to assure that payments are processed as fast as possible. Having a dedicated biller will increase revenue and relive the time consuming work away from as the healer so you can back to what you love to do. 


Product Design

Branding Services

What is the image, voice, and idea of your practice? Private Practice is a business and a business has a image. Let us use our business expertise to identify and communicate your brand. Let potential and current clients know what your organization stands for. Our branding services creates awareness, loyalty, and a steady stream of clients. Using your story and your why to create branding will give your organization an identity. Once your brand is identified it will be easier to market, employ, administer. and help your private practice thrive. Branding is essential to your practice and helps in running the day to day operation and cement  the future of your organization. 

Portfolio Web Design

Website Design

Creating and updating your website is crucial. It communicates to all stakeholders the identity of your private practice and what you do. A website can have a tremendous effect on your business. We can assist you in content creation, messaging, branding, and functionality. Using the current platform you have to re brand your organization or to start the website from scratch. Having the right website design can be the difference between success and failure. Giving your current and potential future  clients an idea of your private practice. Allow us to help you by supporting your digital needs. 

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Social Media Services

Social media is here to stay. It is the most cost effective way to communicate your practice to your targeted market. But managing and creating content for social media can become overwhelming as a Mental Health professional. This is because your time is taken up with doing what you are trained to do, counseling. At change M.F.C.R, we can help you in several ways. From helping you create content to managing your social media or even helping you make the processes faster and more efficiently. Giving you full control  communicating your practice to the world. 


Digital Content 

The world is now digital.  Most of society now gets their information in the digital world. This is no different for a private practice. Whether a new client or an existing client most people get the information about their mental health on the internet. As a private practice it is essential that the right digital content that represents the identity of your organization. Our digital content services gives you full control of the identity of your private practice while alleviating the work it takes to create the content. We are experienced in creating relevant content that communicates the organization. 

Business Presentation

Business Coaching & Consulting 

With business coaching, we help you solve challenges and brainstorm on new ideas. Our Doctor of business is experienced in the business end of Private Practice. Allowing you to have a seasoned business professional on your team. With coaching we can work on all areas of your business including but not limited to marketing, new projects, strategizing, organizing, business development, staff, digital media, and more. You are not alone. Get the expert you need on your team. 

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Strategic Planning 

The business environment continues to change. Keeping up with the times is crucial to organizational success. Planning becomes vital for adaptation, growth, and overall management of your organization. From procedures to staffing, having a partner who is experienced and skilled at strategic planning can make all the difference. Our strategic planning services gives you the full experience of our Doctor of business and the edge in the business world. Improve your private practice and let us help you plan for success. 

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Training & Development

Wether you are onbording new staff or retraining on new procesees and procedures we can help. Our seakers and trainers can help in creating , designing, and emplementing a traning that has a lasting effect. We will take the area you want to train your team in including clinical and make a manuel that is easy to follow and emplement a training that is easy to understand. Make your organization more poroductive by have proffessionals handle the training of your team. We are experinced in helping private practice owners train their teams. 

Phone Answering Services


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